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Blazenko with a helmet on his head in front of a table with a plan map / web designer and webflow developer/expert, SEO specialist

Colors have always been my playground, from the carefree scribbles of childhood to the sophisticated pixels of the digital space. There's a serenity in crafting visuals that resonate, turning the screen into a landscape of chilled creativity.

Whether I'm coming up with a new solution or tackling a new challenge, my versatility and logical thinking push my work to new horizons.

I firmly embrace viewing challenges from various perspectives. It's the subtle details that truly elevate a project! Rest assured, when seeking the optimal solution, I leave no stone unturned to cover all angles.

Blazenko with glasses and receiver in hand web designer and webflow developer/expert, SEO specialist
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With a keen eye for details, I deliver visually stunning and user-friendly website designs. A solid brand identity is the foundation of any successful website.

webflow development

I build scalable websites from scratch that fit seamlessly with design. My primary focus is on utilizing micro animations, transitions and interactions.

on-page seo

I'll elevate your site's search ranking with optimized content and meta tags to attract more traffic and improve online visibility.

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